Wireless Headsets

In a progressively wireless world, wireless headsets offer a solution to those who want to be fully mobile, while also being increasingly productive and healthier. 31 per cent of office workers who sit at a computer and are on the telephone for at least two hours a day have neck and back pain. A wireless headset can go a long way to combat these problems. The wireless headset market has been growing recently, due to the increase of new technologies such as VoIP, Bluetooth and broadband.

With more people working from home it is important that you can work not just from home but from wherever you are. Even large corporations are starting to see the benefits of working from home, and using headsets make using these technologies more effective.

“According to a study by DEGW up to 70 per cent of business calls fail to get through first time. Enabling your customers to be in touch at all times with a wireless headset can cut costs and enhance productivity.”