When you choose inbound services with Call Sense UK you are helping to maximise the profitability of your business. With the use of our portal to manage your numbers you can benefit from the uses of Non-Geographic numbers, call routing and call management.

A non-Geographical number allow you to direct your calls to landline or mobile numbers and provides you with the flexibility to have them changed quickly and easily with no extra line rental to pay. If you already have an existing number that you want to keep but are moving premises you can take the number with you.

Call management through our inbound services can increase operational efficiency and improve customer experience, even with a high volume of calls. There are several areas of call management that you can take advantage of, including:

• Call routing can improve the efficiency of your business as you can have calls routed to the correct department, increasing the quality of your customer service.
• Our management technologies allow you to effectively manage and monitor you calls through the use of Call Recordings, Provisioning and Reporting Tools, Fax to E-mail and E-mail to Fax routing.
• Supporting your business with the availability of remote working.

Other benefits of our inbound services include:

• We can offer you savings long term for your operational uses
• We our cheaper than our major competitors
• We offer easy to use services
• Help with increased sales responses
• We offer disaster recovery solutions for inbound calls